Sunday, March 8, 2009

Please pray! has been quite a week. Quite an emotional week.

For those of you that teach, you understand the friendships that we develop as we teach side by side with each other. I have found that my school is a bit different...different in a great way. We really are a very tight staff. Not only are we close to those we teach with at our grade level, but each staff member.

My friend, Vicki, is my dear friend. She is a wonderful woman whom I have taught with for several years now. Vicki and I share stories each day. Me...about my girls...and Vicki about her precious grandchildren. So I have come to love her grandchildren as I have heard stories each day.

Her little grandson...whom is two....has a hernia. This is biggy. They went in for pre-op appt to get him set for surgery to correct the hernia. Well, he had a fever...which turned into a cold...which turned into pneumonia. So...needless to say..the surgery has been postponed for about two months.

This pneumonia just won't go away. Well, his mother noticed his belly was a bit swollen, so she took him in to see the doctor. They seem to think it was nothing but did a CAT scan to make sure. Vicki said she had gone to worse case scenario that perhaps his bowels had twisted. She told me that she might not be at school the next day if they have to operate.

Vicki called me several hours tell me her grandson has stage 5 kidney cancer in both kidneys. Dear could this be?? How do you go from pneumonia to stage 5 cancer??

As you can image, our school has emotionally been knocked down as we morn and pray for our fellow teacher and her precious grandson.

So...I ask those of you who take the time to read this....Number one....pray for this baby. Number two...count your blessings every day....count them one by one....because we just never know when tragedy will hit our lives.

God is good....all the time! I know this and believe this with all my heart. I am looking for the good in this situation. I may not see it today, tomorrow or ever ...but I pray that I do get to see what God's plan is for this situation.