Saturday, July 12, 2008

Taking time to enjoy life....

It is so humorous to me how much our likes change as we get older! The idea of planting a garden was the farthest thing in my mind. Especially planting a garden for enjoyment! My how things change! I thought about it a few years ago. But never took the time to plan one out. Never allowed myself to really think about "actually planting" a garden. Gardenting is for older people...isn't it! I mean the grandparents on our block all have one! And the stories we must hear about these gardens go on forever!

But there was this great appeal for me this year. I am not sure as to why! But there is! So, I finally caved and decided to give "gardening" a go! Wow! I had no idea how much of a family activity this garden has began with our family. As you can see here, the girls were very curious as to my activities and wanted to get involved. They helped me fill this box with soil because they were so curious as to what it would become!

Hubby even got involved! He was bound and determined to have a sprinkler system run off into the box. After a few trips to the ol' Home Depot, he did it! We began by planting mostly full plants and not seeds. However, there were a few seeds we wanted to try. We weren't sure if we planted too late, but Hubby really felt it would be great for the girls to see the plants start from seeds. So we planted a few rows of veggies from seeds.

I must confess...this garden has become the high light of our summer! I planted the box so that it can be seen through my kitchen window. So each morning as the day starts, I look through the window and enjoy watching the ever changing look of our garden! And it isn't just me...the girls and hubby are also actively involved in watching and reporting any new growth!
You can see below some of our first fruits!
And what a joy it has how times change! This is how I am enjoying spending my the age of 35!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Where does all this laundry come from???

I know life is busy for us all....we all have the same daily rituals we must complete. Cooking, dishes, bath time, etc..and most of them I tolerate. I feel a sense of completion at the end of the day when the kitchen is all cleaned up and ready for the next to start! However, I NEVER have the "complete" feel with the laundry! It just is never ending! Even after I think it is all folded and put away, there is a hamper full of MORE CLOTHES! Is it because I have three daughters who are always changing their clothes!? Is there a cure for this chore that drives me nuts? A lot of my friends have a house cleaner that comes once a week. I can clean toilets and scrub the shower. Is there a person I can hire to do my laundry?? Please apply within! :-)~

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Feeling middle aged today...

I am now in my mid thirties and feeling that I must stay in shape because I know things will quickly go down hill if I let them. I began running two years ago and joined a womens' softball league. I am up to running two miles a day now and I have participated in two 5K runs this past year. I have a half marathon planned for the first of Sept and my long term goal is to run a marathon by the time I am 40!

Yesterday I spent the day at UCLA doing doctor appointments for my oldest daughter. We didn't get back home until right at 6PM. So I ran quickly to my softball practice. It had started at 5:30 ( so I am 30 min late) and I quickly jumped in! Well....of course I neglected to stretch. Who needs to stretch anyway right? Does that really help? Well, I went up to hit the ball, hit it, and went on a sprint to first base! And guessed it...I pulled a muscle in my thigh! I thought I was gonna cry right then and there. I "maned" up and finished practice.

I quickly came home to find my hubby prepared to baby my wounds! He had me heat it with icyhot for an hour, then froze my leg off with ice, and then a deep tissue massage. I quickly realized I am no spring chicken....and that perhaps stretching is necessary as my age continues to rise!

On a positive note, I don't think I pulled a muscle. Looks like I just had just a major charlie horse. Tender today, but MUCH better! Now I really have no excuse to continue my training for that marathon! GRRR!! :-)~

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


To New Adventures....

Well, I tip my glass to my dearest friend Chrissy for starting me on this adventure called "blogging". I must start by confessing that I am more comfortable with MySpace at this point. My hope is to soon master this areana and begin to see the benefits blogging can have for me, personally and professionally. However...I am leary of my skills. It has taken me three days to find an appropriate header, get it on the page, make it the right size, and then center it! Geez!

Let me begin by telling you a little back ground on me! This is in hopes that you might see something in me that is similar to you! Life is full of adventures and has taken me down many roads, some planned and others not! But I am aware....all were granted by God so that I may grow and learn the lessons He has for me!

To begin with, I am a Christian. This committment in my life guides and directs me. Although sometimes I like to be in control instead! And this is where those rough roads come into play! :-) So as you read my blogs, you will see my upbringing and beliefs through Christianity come through.

Secondly, I am a wife and a mother. I have been happily married to my hubby for 8 years. We are one of those "internet" couples! We met in a yahoo chat room 9 years ago. He lived in Florida while I was in California. He made the great jump to Cali to be with me! He is my best friend and we continue to grow each year.

I was married at the young age of 20 to my first husband with whom I had two beautiful girls. My oldest, K, is 12. She has been a blessing not only to me but everyone who knows her. She is my special one! She has cerebral palsy, autism, and mental retardation. She has helped me to grown in ways I never imagined.

My second daughter, Madi, is 10. She is my blue eyed beauty. She is my honor roll student and the typical cheerleader! Any teacher's dream right!

My youngest daughter, who we will call Boo, is my youngest and my only daughter from my current hubby. She just turned 6 and is the one to keep me on my toes! She is too bright for her own good. However, her mouth is similar to her mothers! Which means she says things that she shouldn't and tends to get herself into trouble with that character trait!

I truely believe that God has a great sense of humor! He has given me three completely different children! would be too easy to have them be just a tad bit the same! I know, I know, is all about learning life lessons..right!

These three different daughters of mine have helped me to grow personally but have helped me to be a better teacher. I am able to relate to the parent of a child with learning challenges, the parent of an honor roll student, and the parent of child with some attitude. I am entering my 14th year in education. I have taught from second grade to high school...including both special education in elementary and at the high school level. What a journey it has been! I am beginning a new journey in the area of administration. Back to the old university...again! Grr!!

Well....this is me in a nut shell. I hope through this blog I am able to share some insight into my life as a wife, mother, and teacher!

Here we go..... :-)~