Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Feeling middle aged today...

I am now in my mid thirties and feeling that I must stay in shape because I know things will quickly go down hill if I let them. I began running two years ago and joined a womens' softball league. I am up to running two miles a day now and I have participated in two 5K runs this past year. I have a half marathon planned for the first of Sept and my long term goal is to run a marathon by the time I am 40!

Yesterday I spent the day at UCLA doing doctor appointments for my oldest daughter. We didn't get back home until right at 6PM. So I ran quickly to my softball practice. It had started at 5:30 ( so I am 30 min late) and I quickly jumped in! Well....of course I neglected to stretch. Who needs to stretch anyway right? Does that really help? Well, I went up to hit the ball, hit it, and went on a sprint to first base! And guessed it...I pulled a muscle in my thigh! I thought I was gonna cry right then and there. I "maned" up and finished practice.

I quickly came home to find my hubby prepared to baby my wounds! He had me heat it with icyhot for an hour, then froze my leg off with ice, and then a deep tissue massage. I quickly realized I am no spring chicken....and that perhaps stretching is necessary as my age continues to rise!

On a positive note, I don't think I pulled a muscle. Looks like I just had just a major charlie horse. Tender today, but MUCH better! Now I really have no excuse to continue my training for that marathon! GRRR!! :-)~

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Fratzels said...

What a nice hubby.

I'm so proud of you for running every day and doing softball. Perhaps that should serve as motivation for me - or perhaps not.