Friday, July 11, 2008

Where does all this laundry come from???

I know life is busy for us all....we all have the same daily rituals we must complete. Cooking, dishes, bath time, etc..and most of them I tolerate. I feel a sense of completion at the end of the day when the kitchen is all cleaned up and ready for the next to start! However, I NEVER have the "complete" feel with the laundry! It just is never ending! Even after I think it is all folded and put away, there is a hamper full of MORE CLOTHES! Is it because I have three daughters who are always changing their clothes!? Is there a cure for this chore that drives me nuts? A lot of my friends have a house cleaner that comes once a week. I can clean toilets and scrub the shower. Is there a person I can hire to do my laundry?? Please apply within! :-)~

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Fratzels said...

I seem to recall that laundry has always been the bain of your existence!
I'd volunteer, but mine seems to multiple like bunnies at my house too.