Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Brillant Daughters...part 2

Well....I have shared with each of you the joyous moments that my daughters show their utmost intelligence! Well....today on the way home from school we had another one! So, let me share!

My middle daughter, is an honor roll student, even though she is blonde! haha! :-) So, she can hold her own..right??? Well, she has a binder that the school purchased to log all of her daily assignments. Part of this binder has little tid bits of information on famous Americans.

Well, as she is showing me her binder, this weeks famous America was Albert Einstein. She notices his picture. I mean...how do you not notice Mr. Einstein's crazy hair do! So she says, "Mom, is this really Albert Einstein?" To which I respond, "Well, yes, does he not look like you expected?" And...here comes the brilliant part.....she responds..."Mom, I didn't know he was a real person...I thought he was a cartoon character!"

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I falling down on my parenting or what???? I guess there is a cartoon whose characters are actual people from history. She never realized that these cartoon characters actually were part of history!

Again....those brilliant genes are running through my veins...OBVIOUSLY!!!

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Amazing_Grace said...

LOL! But what she said was so cute. :)