Thursday, December 4, 2008

Taking on the Quads!

Well...Dad and I took the kiddos out to the desert this past holiday weekend and exposed them to the world of quads, rhinos, and motorcycles! Man oh Man!!! We had such a great time. The girls really enjoyed zipping around and exploring and racing each other. I must say, Madi, took to it rather quickly! She loved the quad and was driving around alone. Now..the little one, Boo, scared me half to death! She wanted to ride alone but it was obvious that there just isn't enough fear yet. She was able to drive with an adult holding on to the back. And I mean HOLDING on to the back! haah! I wasn't sure how my oldest, K, would take to this activity. She LOVED it! My goodness...the Rhino was her sense of enjoyment. She loved the big hills and jumping those jumps (small ones mind you!). I was able to get on a quad with her in front and me in back. However, it just didn't feel too safe. But we putted around for a bit. I did conquer my goal. I am now a motorcycle mama!! Haha! I have always wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle..and NO...not on the back! So, I managed over the two days to get it down! That was a ton of fun! My sister was able to make it out with her two little ones. They loved to ride as well. Her daughter was quite apprehensive with all the loud engine noise, however, got over that quickly after riding for a bit. We ended both nights with a great big bon fire. We ate tri-tip, potatoes, and of course had some smores for desert! So....guess what...we have bought two quads for Christmas! They should really enjoy that gift. SHHHH..they don't know yet! Christmas surprise!

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Fratzels said...

Looks like a good time was had by all!