Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I lied...

I admit it..I lied. However, it wasn't my intention to lie. I really had planned on trying to post a few times a week. But life has happened. It appears I should now shoot for once a month! haha!

I am adjusting to my new life title of "Taxi mom". I must apologize to all taxi moms before me. I really had no clue what this job entailed.

I was talking with my sister, who has a 3 and 5 year old at home, about our busy days. She said she was sure it would get easier when they got into school. I quickly informed her that the business doesn't just changes. I went from bottles and diaper daycare and play dates, to softball and Tae Kwon Do practice.

Really...let me just show you my day today...

6:30...up and in the shower, pack lunches, cook breakfast, get backpacks and bags

for further activities

8:00 out the door

8:30 Mtg at school

9:00 School day starts..(12 of my 28 students have their homework done...grrrr) BAD MOOD!

3:30 Off Work

3:31 Keeping two students whose guardians can't seem to get them to complete their homework

so I get the privilege of keeping them an extra 45 min to get it done!

4:15 Load up my kids....and we are off

4:25 Madi to softball practice

4:30 K to Physical Therapy

5:00 Boo to Tae Kwon Do

5:05 Pick up K from Physical Therapy

5:45 Pick up Madi from softball

6:00 Pick up Boo from Tae Kwon Do

6:15..Home....what's for dinner??

6:30 Cooking and overseeing homework

7:00 Dinner on the table

7:30 Dishes..clean up...bath time...

8:00 Read to the kids before bed

8:30...into bed they go

8:35 grading papers....after papers...after papers

8:40 Hubby is we get to say hi for a bit

9:30. Shower time for me

10:00 In bed I fall

What is the deal???? I am not overly complicating my life. I have three kids....they each participate in one sport. I don't have my kids in too many activities. There are just some days that I wish there were just a few more hands. I don't want a nanny...I do enjoy seeing my kids practice each day....Just wish I could do it and not feel like I am "running" each step of the way!

So....again...I am sorry. I need to schedule in Blog time! Lunch break? IDK....I will try and get better! :-)

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Queen of the Mayhem said...

I have been struggling to keep up with my blog too! Life just seems to keep getting in the way!

Wish I had words of advice for you.....but I am in the exact same boat!