Thursday, September 25, 2008

All moved..

Been awhile since I have posted...we moved this past weekend. GRRR! I am just feeling like I am getting my head above water! Isn't it amazing how it seems all craziness has to occur the same month!
1.) Moving
2.) Parent Teacher Conferences
3.) Multiplication in a Week seminar
4.) Daughter turns 13
5.) Mtg every morning and afternoon
It just never ends! And to kids are not behaving well. So I feel the the grouch of the year!
I hope to return to some type of normally after Oct 4th! Until then...I will be checking in and out!


BlogMom said...

I was beginning to think that the 3rd grade had swollowed you up!

Amazing_Grace said...

Welcome back! I wondered where you were! Tell us about your new digs!!! :)

Burg said...

We're moving soon too.. I dread it, but hopefully it's the last move EVER!

Fratzels said...

Yeah - I got the email of your address change. I had no idea you were moving. We must chat by acutal phone shortly.

I foudn a picture of your oldest and me from her birthday parties in 1997 and 1998! Amazing! She, of course, is adorable...and I was so young and much cuter than I thought at the time.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Hope you are getting settled in a little better now!

Texansfan8 said...

Haha wow y'all sound as busy as us!! Where does time go?? Anyways hey, heather whats's your myspace? I got a new one since me and waffle girl are *over*. ;-)send an e-mail my way when ya get a chance! (