Sunday, September 7, 2008

A to Z about me...

Attached or Single? the hip sometimes!

Best Friend? That would be my Hubby.

Cake or Pie? well that all depends on the type of cake or pie! I love them both!

Day of Choice? I think I would have to pick Friday. It is a down day at school. And I know the weekend is next...and I get to sleep in the next morning!

Essential Item? Birth Control~Because God knows I don't need anymore babies!

Flavor of Ice cream? Not a big fan of ice cream. I know....sad huh! But if I had to pick one it would be Rocky Road.

Gummy Bears of Worms? Would have to go with the bears. The darn worms take forever to chew!

Hometown? In the mountains of California

Indulgences? I do get my nails done every other week. I love them...and I think they look professional. Do I need I love them!

January or July? Would have to go with July. It snows here in January..and I have to work in it. And if it snows..the kids don't have recess...and I get ugly!

Kids? Three gorgeous girls!

Last Movie I saw in a theater? Sex in the City ....Love IT!

Middle Name? Same one my youngest daughter has....

Number of Siblings? One younger sister

Oranges or Apples? Love both! But if I had to pick...oranges

Phobia or Fear? My kids dying

Quote? The only one I quote often is by Chrissy's mother.."Smile sweetly, agree completely, then do as you please" Thanks MOM!

Reason to Smile? My kids. Waking up each day. Seeing a student "get it"

Season? I like Fall. I love to get the pumpkins out....and make the scare crows!

Tag five more: ??? Chrissy?

Unknown Fact About Me? I just asked my husband to answer this...and he said I am obsessive about zits! Come on now! It is true...but...why would I say that on here? I would say...I don't drink coffee! Yuck! Stinky breath!

Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals? I love my MEAT!!!!

Worst Habit? again with the zits! Shesh! But I might have to agree this time! I hate looking at zits on peoples faces! Gross! If it is on hubby...I make them disappear!

X-rays or Ultrasounds? Love ultrasounds of those babies!

Your favorite Food? usually anything Mexican! Loving Italian these days! My hubby is a fabulous love his cooking too!

Zodiac? I am a Libra....balance is my life!


Burg said...

Ya know, I found out the hard way once that you can't just pop all zits or undo all clogged pores.. They can pop backwards and cause an infection that will spread.. My face had to swell causing all I worked with and customers (I managed a salon at the time) to think my husband beats me. Ten days worth of nasty antibiotics later and I learned not to do that again... Sort of..

Rebecca said...

Ok, you want to hear something totally disturbing - I really am obsessed with zits. I can't stand seeing them and my Hubs tends to break out on his back - zits on the back are huge and gross and when I am upset he actually will come to me and say "you want to pop my zits" and then he will turn his back to me and say "go for it, I know it will make you feel better"

Yes, I am a sick, sick, sick girl!!!

I think we must live quite close to each other!

Rebecca said...

LOL! That sounded weird! Living close to each other has nothing to do with zits!

Fratzels said...

Heather has popped the zits of other people. I have witnessed it with my own two eyes, and it is disguting!

Thaks for throwing my mom out there. She loves that saying and gives it to me whenever I call complaining about people.