Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Flashback

I always find it amazing just how far people can remember back in their lives so today I thought it would be interesting to flashback to our earliest memories. How far back can you go? father was in the USAF so I was born in Germany. We were able to do lots of traveling while we lived there. One of the places we visited was Spain. So we decided to take in the "cultural activities". ask what that might be. Yeah.....we went to a LIVE BULL FIGHT! read that right...a bull fight! Hello! Wow...this activity is so wrong on SOOOO many levels.
Did you know that the bull is put in a back pen. While he is there as he runs by the junior matadors they stab them with large spears with decorative fabric on the ends. So by the time the bull gets to the main ring he has at least a dozen stab wounds. Then the senior matador takes over in the main ring and finishes the bull off.
This was my first memory...sitting in an outdoor stadium in Madrid, a bull getting stabbed over and over again until his death! Nice huh!!!!
However...being the girl that I am...I do remember the gorgeous red crocheted shawl that I wore to this event! I looked cute at this horrific event! I have pics to prove it!

PS....I think was I almost 3 years old!


Amazing_Grace said...

I remember visiting my dad's relatives and I was 2. Yes, I remember it because we were staying in the house right behind my grandmother's and I would look out the window and think she was just over there.

Rebecca said...

Wow... Wow!!! I knew thw bulls were mistreated, but I didn't know exactly how with the stabbing and such - that is horrible!!!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I have difficulty remembering what I did last week!

3 years old...I am impressed!

Wow...that bullfight sounds HORRIBLE...but at least you looked good! :)