Monday, September 15, 2008

I hate to complain...however...I am going to!

OK...well I shared with you all that hubby and joined a co ed softball team. We have really enjoyed ourselves. I usually just play on the women's league, so playing with the men has been a real treat! The mix of guys really changes the game!

HOWEVER...HOLY SMOKE! We went out for a game tonight. We recognize a lot of the other players from the women's league. Well, I happen to like the other team tonight and their coach from the women's league. Seem like decent people....because as you can imagine sometimes people get pissy and nasty over sports. is common courtesy to try not to hit the ball up the middle to the pitcher. The pitcher can be seriously injured. Well...I laugh at this because I have NO clue where I am hitting the ball! I am just glad that I hit the stupid ball! ha ha! Well, at tonight's game one of our guys was trying to hit up and over second...didn't work out as planned and went straight at the pitcher...HARD. Well, thank goodness the pitcher caught the ball. It wasn't done on purpose and they got the out...good for them right? hubby goes up to pitch the next inning. Their pitcher goes over to coach third base. He then yells at his batter...."Hit it up the middle". For those of you that don't know..the middle is the pitcher! He was telling them to HIT my hubby! So my hubby stops and looks at him and replies..."Hey now...let's play a fair game. Don't encourage your players to hit me!" So the guy yells back, "Your man hit it right at me!" Hubby replies, "It wasn't done on are encouraging your players to hit me!" Then the guys says, "Hey it's a game...the ball goes where ever..." So hubby says, "OK..I will remember that." and the guy replies..."I got you big worries...I will take you out!" Holy crap!! So the umpire gets in the middle and says.."Now guys...let's play a good game. Knock this off. Understand? Play ball"

So the game goes on and this team WILL NOT STOP! Every time a player comes up to hit, they talk about hitting it up the middle. Let me just throw this in there...they were a bunch of thugs! Several had been arrested many times. There are several police officers on our team that recognized several of them. So this may have added flames to this fire.

I went to the ref and said, "I am so sorry about this! This is suppose to be a fun game." He responds.."It doesn't help when they have been drinking for many hours." So he was well aware that they were taunting and playing horribly.

So finally, they are kicking our butts..14 to 4. As I walk out on the field this putz starts talking smack to my hubby again. He says, "A real man plays outfield..not pitch! I got news for you, I will take your head off at next bat!" Now...I am usually a calm lady, and my hubby was holding his cool so well....however I lost it! I looked at the ump and said..."Good Lord, are they allowed to threaten my husband in the name of softball??"

So the ref says to the other team..."This is more word and this game is over!" And of course...being the pricks they were...they did! So the ref calls the game..looks at us and says, "Winners...Game over!" Holy smokes! They were screaming their heads off at us! They were wanting to fight!

So, our entire team packed up quickly and left. What in the world is up with people!?? Now..I know a few of these guys are sleese bags and obviously put their manly hood on the line in the name of softball....but I must ask...WHY? Come on people!!!!!!! It is a game!

I am gonna say it again...SOME PEOPLE SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
PS...It must have really gotten their goat to leave as LOSERS! hahahah!! :-)


Amazing_Grace said...

Oh, my gosh! There's always people like this and they just take all the fun out of everything. I'm so sorry that it happened.

Yes, this was a major "Hot Sauce Moment" for that other team. They should be kicked out of the league. Boy, that would sure make them mad! :)

Fratzels said...

Wait...did you call yourself a "calm lady" normally? When did that happen?

Debbie said...

Hi Heather. I'm popping over from Laura's post for the hot sauce award...belatedly.

We have this problem with elementary sports. It really does take the fun out of the game. I see some of the older players (tweens) now who are losing their cools because they see these actions from adults and coaches. It's very sad.