Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Some people are just MEAN!

Ok..I wish I could come back from Back to School Night with a positive thing to say...but I can't! I am pissed! Let me start with you with day today.

My oldest daughter, K, had several doctor appointments today. So I had to drive 50 miles to the local city to get these tests done. I start on my way down and of course...there has to be road contruction! So I am booking it to get there on time! I did make it on time (are you impressed Chrissy?).

That appt lasted about 20 min and I was off and running to the second. I get to that appt and the lady tells me that I was late. I wasn't late...I was actually early! Like 20 min early! What the heck. She said that I was suppose to be there an hour before the appt time for prep. Well heck...NOBODY told me that! So then she acts like she is doing ME a favor to get us in. We had to sit for an extra hour, but they were so kind to see us. Grrrr!

K only has one kidney, the other was removed when she was eight months old. So this is a scan of her other kidney to make sure things are working properly. She is having some trouble. Being that K has had 18 surgeries, she is quite scared of the doctor. Getting on the gown and crawling up on the table sends her into tears. I finally get her all calmed down so they can conduct the test.

So test is complete and we go back to get dressed. K is happy to be done...clothes are back on...and KNOCK KNOCK on the door. They forgot to run one test and need us to come back. Ok...now I am thankful they caught it before I went home, but come on people! The clothes had to come back off...and the tears fly again! They had three medical technicians in watching this procedure. They were doing a lot of whispering. I don't wanna be paranoid, but it makes me feel uneasy....could something now be wrong with her one good kidney?

Now...we drive the 50 miles home and I am off an running to be ready for Back To School Night. I am not in the best of moods. Hubby is at work, I am trying to get myself dressed for work, and I look out the window and my two youngest children are jumping on the trampoline with the garden hose! So I run downstairs to make my unhappiness heard, when isee that my oldest has ripped her brand new outfit in half and is standing there in just her pants!

Are you screaming with me yet??? So, I get the kids dressed, myself dressed, and we are out the door. I took the kids to my parents since hubby was at work. I wait....and wait...and no parents. So I call their phone to find out they are 20 min away! Good gosh!!!!!! Now Iam only 15 min early to Back To School Night...and that doesn't make me happy! (Remember too...I wasn't at work because I was at the doctor all day!)

So..first session starts...I give my little speech..and all is well. So the parents begin to leave and this father comes up to me. He has written me two nasty notes already and I can sense by his body language that he is not happy. He starts to lay into me....for several reasons. But let me share his main complaint. On my weekly communication home to the parents I have a portion title "Discipline Log". He finds the word "discipline" to be quite negative and as an elementary school teacher, I should know better than to use such "negative" verbage!

OK>>>GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After the day I have had...WHO CARES! After I politely told him he needed to schedule a conference with me to discuss these matters later and not at Back to School Night...I looked...It says on my folder "Conduct Log"..SO THERE!

People sometimes SUCK!


Amazing_Grace said...

After that day you deserve a ((hug)). Maybe a glass of wine too?

That man deserves the "Get over it and put some hot sauce on it!" award.

I used to hate Open House Night when I was a teacher. You can't please everyone and it's obvious that father has no idea that he has a child that is a spawn of Satan (yes, the Church Lady in me had to get out- tee hee). Please keep us updated on this nut and I'll be sure to nominate him for the award this Saturday. LOL!

Rebecca said...

Wow, what a crazy day you had! I think you need a hug - and that wine that AG mentioned... and yes, that dad deserves the hot sauce award, what a nutjob! He will have many rude awakenings throughout his child's school career if he can't handle the word
disciplne" or even "conduct" of course if he doesn't know the difference then maybe he needs to be the one in third grade.



Amazing_Grace said...

I wonder if the guy can handle this word that describes him to a T . . . _ _ _ hole! LOL! Yes, me bad, so very bad.

Heather had her very first "Hot Sauce Moment" from this guy and I know there will be many more to follow. He's in a roll and doesn't want to stop.

Time for that glass of wine! :)

Fratzels said...

You know what? He's an a..hole that is setting his precious little cherub up or a lifetime of disappointment. School is about learning on many different levels. Kids need to be exposed to disappointment and negativity or else they will shrivel up when they "grow up" and hit the harsh reality of the real world. As an HR professional, I can tell you I will not ever cut people like that any slack - ever!!! Deal with dickhead.

Please throw your conduct folder away and make a new called discipline log and keep it just to stick it to him. He's probably the kind of guy that would sue the school district b/c the Pledge of Allegiance has the word "God" in it. Arghhhh - these kind of people make me sick!

And by the way, yes I am impressed you were early. Poor K. I can only imagine how hard this is on her and on you. Let me know what happens there.