Monday, September 1, 2008

Making life a tad bit easier!

Now...I will never claim to be a "techie" kind of gal. The "techie" title belongs on my hubby's head in the form of a crown! I can however, hold my own, but don't go out looking for the newest technology out there. But, I thought I would give a shout out for my Blackberry Pearl. It has become quite the life saver for our family. My hubby and I both have one. His is black..and mine is pink of course! :-)

My favorite part of this phone you ask???? The calendar! I know, sounds silly, but it has helped us manage our lives! First of all, I have a date calendar. So I am able to add all my appointments. I can view the calendar by my day, the week, or the month.

My 2nd favorite part....I receive all my email on this phone. So when my secretary emails me an appointment, and I adds it to my phone calendar! It will even let me know if there is a conflict with another apt on my calendar. Ya gotta love that feature.

Third, when I add a date, I can then, through a simple button, send that appointment to my hubby's phone! It then puts all that apt information onto his calendar! have NO idea how great this is! Now, understand, between cheer leading practice, gymnastics, Physical Therapy, Dr apts, Dentist apts, my own work meetings, IEPs, evaluations, football games, junior high dances...there is SO much to schedule. My hubby then knows what is going on daily. This is really helpful because we are always on the same page. He knows what is coming and all the places I have to be. He has often said, "Well, I see you have a nail apt tomorrow at four, and one daughter has cheer leading. I will pick her up and get her there." Do you just LOVE that! It has really helped to get us both actively involved in every ones crazy schedule.

OK...last thing on the calendar~then I will shut up. On the front page of the screen, it lists my next three events. So I always am aware of what my next three commitments are going to be. I can also set the phone to send me a reminder...15 min, 30 min, whatever works for you.

So...for those of you that have crazy lives, need to manage your schedules a little better, and get hubby involved in the "taxi" cab driving of our lives...think about a HERS and HIS Blackberry! There is my tech advice for the year! ha ha!


Amazing_Grace said...

Oh, gosh! I'm such an idiot I would never learn how to use it. LOL!

Fratzels said...

I can tell you that I am far too cheap for such technology! I am the one who refuses to pay the extra few dollars for text messaging. Perhaps whent he kids are older, we will need something like this. The hubs seems to think he is getting a blackberry through work with his next big job and I need a new phone at the end of the year...maybe, but I doubt it.

Rebecca said...

I am such a techy geek and I have to tell you - I totally get it!!! I would be so lost without all my gadgets and the Blackberry Pearl is just awesome!

Heather said...

Rebecca gets me! :-)

Chrissy...we will have to work on you! Ok...this is how sad we are! All my kids have cell phones...yes...even the 6 year old! Bad huh! But..I will tell you..that little one can text message and has really started her reading and writing. I won't tell you my many reasons for the phones, but honestly is very helpful! Drives me NUTS that you don't text! I would rather text that talk on the phone! Quick and easy..I don't have time for a 20 min phone call these days!