Friday, August 29, 2008

Flashback Friday..

For most of us there is a defining moment in our teen years when we suddenly feel we have gone from being a kid to being an adult - it happens around the age of 16 when we get out driver’s licenses. Suddenly we feel this surge of freedom that we never had before - that is, until we realize we don’t have a car. But somehow along the way most of us do end up with our own car - maybe not at age 16, but at some point. This week I thought it would be fun to flashback to that time when you got your first car. How old were you? What kind of car? What led to the buying of it?
Well...I must say, I was in love with my first car. It happen to be a red Ford Escort GT. Now, let me help you here...the 'GT' part meant it was kindof sporty! It had the whole spoiler on the back! I loved that car! My parents began shopping around for a used car for me. I was thrilled! I, of course, tried to be the polite daughter, "Any car will do..I am not picky, just grateful!" But you and I both know I wanted a "cool" car. My parents went to the closest big city. They came home with my red little sporty car! I was in love. I will never forget that a friend in high school said to me, "Heather, that is my dream car! You are so lucky" And I really felt that way. The only sucky part was that it was a stick. My mother and I spent hours at the local elementary parking lot stopping and starting over and over again! The car lasted me about three years. I took it to college and it began to over heat all the time. So, they kept the car and gave me an older two seater truck...that I hated. Oh well, the first car at 16 was great!


Rebecca said...

Sounds like it was cool! It is always the best when other people wanted it, LOL!!!

My second was a truck too!

Heather said...

but yours was a cool F-150! Mine was a little ol Mitubishi Mad Max or something like that! Isn't that sad!!!!!!!

Amazing_Grace said...

My first vehicle was a motorcycle. I grew up on them and when I turned 16 my dad said I could ride it to work so I got my license and then bought a Yamaha 250cc trials bike (for mountains). I had a blast on that thing and still love to ride motorcycles. :)

Texansfan8 said...

well, I don't have a car. . . .yet, but I would love to have a blue mini cooper with white rally stripes, tan leather interior, a kicking sound system, navigation/GPS, and that sexy sounding lady that talks to you.;-)Oh, and a sunroof. I checked out the mini cooper website, and you can custom design your own Mini. Tis amazing.
>>Jake Williams - current KUZZ celeb -

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I had a similar experience learning to drive a stick. Planned my traveling so I never had to take a left turn for months! :)