Monday, August 18, 2008

First official day of work...

Wow! What a day! It was my first "teacher" day back. The kids don't start until Wednesday. It always feels like such a huge task to start over each year. There are always so many "little" things you can not forget! Those "little" things help to create a smooth classroom. I actually spent all of last week in my classroom so by today I was actually finished! Tomorrow is tying up loose ends and helping out a new teacher.

Not only do I have to get my "teacher hat" ready to go by Wednesday, but my "mommy" hat has to have all in place as well. Trying to make sure the backpacks, shoes, socks, lunch boxes, lunch items, etc...are all ready to go! The checklist for THREE children seems to be endless! Thank goodness for the blackberry and my lists upon lists to help my pea brain!

And ya know...I want my house in tip top shop to start the year off...and I just don't feel I am so successful in this area. Not that it is horrible...but all I want is a perfect house. That isn't asking too much with three kids, four cats, a dog and a hubby??? I really need to learn to deligate more jobs to my children. They are all old enough that I really shouldn't have to touch another dish! Yet....I was up at 9:30 tonight doing dishes! Time for a chore chart I think!

Does having 75% of my goals in place mean I am successful?? Can I hire a maid to do the 25% of my failing areas??



Rebecca said...

Aww, you are a success even if the house still needs cleaning! Three kids, the Hubby, and teaching - you have a lot on your plate - definitely a chore chart.

Fratzels said...

Here's a thought from my pet loving mind - drop the cats and dog (keep the kids and hubs) and make your girls do all the work. Surely your middle one can do the laundry and your oldest can do the dishes. The little one must be ready for toilet scrubbing at this point! You don't mind bleach stains on her clothes, do you?

You'll make it work! If you ever do come visit, you can be sure my house is exactlyt he same way. It's clean only 1 day per week - the day I actually clean it.

Amazing_Grace said...

TGIF! How was your first few days of school? I remember way back when I taught that I didn't get back into the swing of things for a couple of weeks. Remember to take time for yourself and relax. :)