Saturday, August 2, 2008

Having a Child with Medical Issues seems another round of medical testing is on the horizon for my daughter and the hubby and I. We have been contending with some behaviors of hers for years. She has an obsession with putting things in her mouth. It is any and all things! And I mean ANY!! She has digested things such as a matchbox car, stuffing from her pillow, and once attempted a plastic bag from the local grocery store (Thank God hubby caught her!). This has been a 10 year struggle for us. I have tried every type of behavior modification I have in my repitour as a teacher. This is the one behavior I am unable to conquer.

We have a wonderful behavior specialist that comes over once a week. I get to do my complaining to her and she helps me to correct these behaviors. She has been sch a blessing to us! She is the cheerleader when things are great and the truth teller when I need to hear things that are hard to accept. She recommended that we try some medical intervention, IE...medication...with my daughter and her OCD with putting things in her mouth.

This was a really tough decision for my hubby and I. Putting my 12 year old daughter on medication for something that is not life-threatening was difficult. But after 10 years of frustration it was time to give it a go. We did several rounds of Prozac. This medication seemed to have little effect on her behavior. So...about two weeks ago we went to the Dr. and he decided to go a different route. Well, before we could start this new medication we needed to have an EKG and some blood work.

No problem...right?? Well..we did both tests and got the phone call. The EKG came back bad. She has two issues they are not comfy with and are sending us to a pediatric cardiologist. Of course.....nothing can be easy. So I spent the week getting all the appointments needed to start this process. Then...another phone call came. Her bloodwork came back bad as well! OMG!!!! Are you kidding me?? She now has high cholesterol and triglycerides. Wow....Wow....I was just thinking to myself...Seriously, does EVERYTHING have to be an ordeal????????

Well, trying to be the responsible parent I have googled all these conditions. I feel a little more educated on the subject. So now it appears I must really monitor her diet even more closely. And to be honest with you, I already do. Which I guess is where my greatest frustration comes from. She has had weight issues for years. Hubby and I had made a commitment to watch her weight and exercise with her more often this past year. So, I am just unsure where I am able to "cut" things out for her. I walk two miles with her three times a week and she works out with her physical therapist twice a week for an hour.

Given her disability, what more can I do with her?? Well, I have decided to get her on the treadmill each day for 30 minutes each morning. I hope this will help start up her metabolism each day. Hubby and I had already volunteered to start a special olympics swim team. She loves to swim and this will help to work some calories off as well. But it won't start until Jan.

It appears I am going to have to really watch my cooking as well. I will start shopping a little wiser. For example, I know I need to cut out noodles, but they are her favorite. There is so little in this life that she LOVES. And not letting her have that once a week just hurts my heart. So, I have decided to switch to the whole grain noodles. Hopefully, these kinds of changes will help us control her cholesterol levels.

There are just some days where the frustration level is so high. I know God has a plan for her...and for us. But sometimes I just wish God would give her a break. She is 12 and went through surgery 17 and 18 this year. It feels so unfair sometimes, and my heart hurts for her. She is my baby...and I hurt when there are so many trials she faces each day. So many trials that I can't hurts.

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Fratzels said...

Oh Heather. I am so sorry to hear all of this. You should have told me when we were on the phone.

Nothing is easy. You know God gave you her because you are perfect for her and are well equipped to handle everything that comes your way and her way.

Go to she has some kind of noodle listed on their that is really low cal and low fat. I think they are called shirtake noodles, but I could be wrong.

You'll figure out something creative, I know you will.