Monday, August 4, 2008

My Favorite Things

My favorite things tends to change each year. So I will give it a go for this current year! :-)

1.) Having a family sit down dinner-With our busy schedules and my hubby working evening it isn't often we get that family dinner time. So on the days it comes, I enjoy it! It is great to watch each of the girls interact with each. I also get a great sense of their personalities as they tell about their day and their friends.

2.) Getting to sleep in-Again...with those busy schedules it seems there is not much time to just lay and rest. Saturday mornings are always filled with activities in town and Sundays are spent at church. So when those days come, I enjoy it!

3.) A date night with Hubby- I just love getting dressed up and heading out with hubby. We love to have a great dinner. We both appreciate cooking and enjoy trying new places (Stop laughing Chrissy! It is true!) Catching a movie, finding a great place to dance the night away, or just walking the mall and people watching are high on our list!

4.) Laying in my bed with my girls watching a movie-I have been on a kick to make sure my girls watch all the important movies from my day! Haha! I want them to appreciate my sense of humor and my hints to shows. This past Christmas they all got an 80's movie in their stocking! Goonies, Grease, 16 Candles, ET,Footloose, etc...I have having to wait on a few...the sexual content is just too much for now! haha! I sound like my mother now!

5.) Any Kiss from a kiddo-I will never tire of these! Each are so different and yet so special. My oldest is loving "eskimo kisses" these days! So we are always bumping noses. My middle daughter has decided that a kiss is a way of saying thank you. So we kiss a lot these shoes, new hair bow,...kisses start flowing. And the little one is a little more stingy. She loves to kiss her daddy the most. So when she shares with me, I appreciate them greatly!

I am supposed to tag five other people, but I don’t even think I have five readers over here so if you are out there reading then please join in the fun and leave me a comment so I know you did.


Rebecca said...

My Husband gave me the movie Goonies for Christmas - I just love it! I love all those 80s flicks - they just don't make movies like those these days, ya know?

Oh, son watched that with me and I didn't think much of it but when ET appeared dead he just got so upset. I mean like tears and shaking and really really upset! It was so sad! I kept telling him "it's ok, ET will live" but he just didn't seem to get it so we turned it off and then turned it back on towards the every end and he saw ET alive and forgot all about it, go figure!

Rebecca said...

very end, not every end...I bet you knew that....