Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Reality check....dont they suck sometimes! :-)~

Ya know...I know God has a great sense of humor and sometimes the people He brings to deliver the humor is often my husband! :-) I joined a softball team a few years ago. My thought is you are never to old to learn something new. I am not a great athlete by any stretch, but I can usually hold my own. So, I learned to pitch and have enjoyed the team and the friends I have made.

My coach, Mark, is a great man. He puts up with us "thirty-something, non-athletic moms" even though he wants to win so badly he can't stand it. And to be honest, so do we! We have, as a team, improved greatly! We are actually winning some games these days! haha!

Well, at a game last week, I hit the ball and get onto first base. My coach is standing there as the first base coach. He says to me, "Now Heather, you know you are a slow runner, so you need to get out there and get a big lead so we don't play into a double!" WHAT?? I am slow? Was I suppose to 'know' this? Now, I know I am not a sprinter, but SLOW? Come on now!

So, letting this thought roam around in my head for a few days, I finally tell my husband yesterday, "So, Mark told me I am a slow runner. You think that is true?" His words to me are....read this carefully...hear the tone..."Well, you aren't the slowest runner on the team." What the HECK? That was a, "Yes, dear...you are slow!"

Now...you have to take into consideration that I have also begun working towards a marathon. I have been running a few 5K races this past year. So to hear that I am "slow" hits several areas of my life! Reality time I guess...I am a slow runner...what ya gonna do!? I really don't have any desire to head out to the track to work on sprinting. So, today...I am ok with knowing, I am not the slowest runner on my team! :-)~


Rebecca said...

Ya gotta love men! LOL!!!

(I definitely would be the slowest - if I played...)

Fratzels said...

Take heart- if I played with you there would be yet another player slower than you.

Member when we did the Chritmas Choir before I moved? I'm prettysure you convinced me that I could sing well enough to be on the choir. My dear and darling hubs said you were lying and I had and currently have no business singing out loud in public or private and I am in no way good enough for a church choir.
Awesome! He's brutally honest, that one.