Monday, August 11, 2008

Wow...feeling older every day!

Today...........I taught my daughter how to shave her legs! Who knew this would rouse such emotions for me! She has started cheerleading. Which means lots of time spent with girls (of the same age) whom are developing at all different rates. Several of the girls shave their legs. Now, my daughter has very light blonde hair so you really can't see it. But, when the sun hits in right, you can. So she asked when she could start shaving her legs. Now , I am also aware that her step sister is shaving and this has aroused some interest for her as well. Is there an appropriate age?? I am not sure. She has started to grow in other why not!? I wouldn't want to be out on the football field with the sun shining off my blonde filled legs! So we dove in this evening and fixed her all up! Boy...they grow up fast! Time to start having those "talks" that every parent hates. I just keep telling myself take it one day at a time. We have had several of those dreaded conversations. I have tried very hard to make sure she feels she can ask me anything without freaking out. I try to play it cool and make sure I give just enough info to answer her questions, but not too much information that she has too much or more than she was searching for at that time. Amazing how shaving one's legs now has me be concerned about the next step of development! For right now...I think the next question will be when she can wear mascara. I can handle that one! :-)


Rebecca said...

I am now realizing that one day I will be teaching my little Bean to shave her legs....I think I am starting to hyperventilate! (ventalate??? I can't spell!)

Man, kids grow up so fast!

Fratzels said...

Please tell me you didn't teach her to shave her thighs too??? I can't believe she is ready to shave. She was just a baby a few years ago when I left (wait, it's been a lot more than a few years - yikes!)