Thursday, August 7, 2008

It never ends...

Well...I always have these grand ideas about how much stuff I will get done during the summer and it just never seems to work out! I know I have accomplished a lot, but I always see the things that I didn't get to finish! I was able to teach a month of summer school, paint my mother's entry way and hallway, painted Boo's room purple (you like that Chrissy?), cleaned out the kitchen cupboards, moved Madi to the down stairs bedroom, went through all the old clothes, donated clothes to the local guild, and built and maintained a new garden.

I have 10 days before school starts! AHHHH!!! I have much to do to finish up my end of summer projects. I wanted to help Adam get the garage all cleaned and organized before winter hit. Not sure I will get that done in the next 10 days. But I think we can get it done in the next two months. I really want to hit all my cupboards and get them all cleaned out. It is nice to start a new school year with the house in order. Because we know how quickly the schedule of work and the girls extra curricular activities come and the organization starts to deplete quickly!

Here is the worst part....I really don't feel like I have 'relaxed' this summer! Between teaching summer school and vacationing with three kids, and chores...I don't feel rested! Think I could fit some rest in the next week? It has dawned on me...this is my life...there are no more "down" days! With three kids at home, continuing my education, and a full work never ends! And that is is good! Tired...but good! :-)


Fratzels said...

When did you ever have a down day in the summer?

Love the purple room - you knew I would!

Do you still have any zoophonic stuff? I was trying to remember all of them when I did an abc puzzle last week with my little guy.

Heather said...

Yes...I have a lot of that stuff still. Would you like something from the kit?

Fratzels said...

I'd like whatever you can send me. It's the only phonics program I know and would keep me from having to learn a new one.